Ayr Holiday Park Rules

Pitches are available from 11.30 on day of arrival and must be vacated by 11.00 on the day of departure.

If you invite people to visit the park, reception must be informed. We reserve the right to charge for visitor parking, use of facilities and to refuse permission.

How to park your caravan/motorhome/campervan, pitch your tent-

Your complete unit must fit on your pitch and where the pitch is hard standing it must fit on the hard standing surface and not the grass. You must drive face on to your pitch or reverse on, please do not go on sideways.

All waste must be disposed of properly using the facilities provided including grey waste. If unsure please ask at reception where we can assist.  Recyclable waste must be separated appropriately. Non-recyclable waste must be put in bins.

General Rules for all residents on the park:

  • No disposable BBQs or fire pits.
  • No flags of any sort. Flags on tall poles are not permitted.
  • No fireworks or Chinese lanterns allowed on the park under any circumstances.
  • No loud music and no music after 22.00. Outside entertainment etc must finish by 22.30.
  • Children are always the responsibility of their parents or guardians while on the park and using park facilities. Please note that the playground closes at 22.00 each evening.
  • No electric scooters/bikes/hover boards or similar to be used on park grounds. Only vehicles that are legal for use on the public highway may be used on the park and only in a way that does not cause annoyance to others.
  • You may not use drones, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying objects on the park
  • Wifi is available and free of charge on the park. Please note that the service may not be the same as you are used to at home.
  • No football or ball games to be played on the park near caravans or tents.
  • Anyone who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset other users on the park or park staff may be asked to leave.
  • All rubbish and recycling must be disposed of in Park Bins which are allocated around the park.
  • All vehicles must keep to the limit of 10mph whilst on the park and pedestrians have priority.
  • You must inform the Park owners before you visit the park if you plan to bring any pet or animal and answer any reasonable questions about them and their suitability for the park environment.
  • All dogs must be kept on a short lead or tethered whilst on the park. Dogs must be exercised in the dog field only or off-site. Noisy dogs that disturb other park guests persistently will be requested to remove the dog from the park.
  • Dogs are not to be left unattended at any time, day or night.
  • When fouling occurs, you must bag and dispose of it responsibly, this is in the interest of everyone, especially children. There are dog litter bins in the dog field.