Ayr holiday Park is operating as usual, but with the increase in cases of covid-19 across Europe we wanted to let you know that the health and safety of our customers and team members is our priority.


Advice given is that a self-catering and camping holiday has the advantage of not necessarily depending on travel via train, plane or other organised forms of travel and once here you are in your own tent/van or tourer. Customers who have hired accommodation can rest assured that our cleaning staff are taking extra precautions to sanitize all areas, in particular high-touch areas such as tv remotes, door handles etc.

All public areas and reception are receiving an increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection.

Any customers who decide to self-isolate have the option to postpone their holiday up to 12 months from the original arrival date.

Anyone who cannot reschedule, we will try and re-let your holiday and if successful, we will make an appropriate refund to you.

For those who wish to cancel our normal terms and conditions will apply.

Terms & Conditions


Cancellation scheme Ayr 2020.

Our cancellation scheme is designed to cover you with a full refund of all money paid (except the premium itself) if circumstances force you to cancel your holiday, up to and including the day you are due to arrive.

This will cover for pregnancy, illness, accident or death, jury service, redundancy or occupational posting abroad for any member of your party (supporting evidence such as doctor’s certificate will be required)

This does not however cover you if an event occurs to someone outside the traveling party and you decide not to come.

In the event of Corona Virus a doctor’s note confirming you are ill will result in a full refund (except the premium itself). If you are taking your own precautions, then we are happy to postpone your holiday up to 12 months from your original arrival date.

If you cannot reschedule, we will try and re-let your holiday and if successful, we would make an appropriate refund to you.